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Break Bulk

Cargo that is too big or too heavy to be loaded onto a flat rack container can be loaded directly onto the vessel. These are known as Break Bulk Cargo.

Any size, any weight, anywhere, anyhow, anytime, every time. That's our forte in Transportation.

By providing best in class services for Break-Bulk Cargo, Lotus (LIFE) is recognized and has vide experience as a Break-Bulk service provider. We provide total solution for Break-Bulk Cargo. We have an ample experience in Break-Bulk Handling. Our staff is well trained and capable to deal with any kind of issue related to Break-Bulk Cargo. Our optimally reliable Break-Bulk Services are offered on very competitive costs.

Our Break-bulk Services include:

  • Lashing and choking services.
  • Alongside vessel loading/unloading services.
  • Efficient tally & supervision of cargo.
  • Handling of cargo damage and claims.
  • Cost efficient handling solutions.
  • Break-bulk vessel arrangements.