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Break Bulk

Cargo that is too big or too heavy to be loaded onto a flat rack container can be loaded directly onto the vessel. These are known as Break Bulk Cargo.

By providing best in class services for Break-Bulk Cargo, Lotus (LIFE) is recognized and has vide experience as a Break-Bulk service provider. We provide total solution for Break-Bulk Cargo. We have an ample experience in Break-Bulk Handling. Our staff is well trained and capable to deal with any kind of issue related to Break-Bulk Cargo. Our optimally reliable Break-Bulk Services are offered on very competitive costs.

Our Break-bulk Services include:
  • Lashing and choking services.
  • Alongside vessel loading/unloading services.
  • Efficient tally & supervision of cargo.
  • Handling of cargo damage and claims.
  • Cost efficient handling solutions.
  • Break-bulk vessel arrangements.
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